Multimodal transportation of goods

An important problem for transport at present is the organization of logistics management systems for transportation with the interaction of various modes of transport, as well as the development of transport infrastructure with the construction of terminal complexes and ports that provide multimodal transportation and intermodal technologies.

Multimodal transportation (also intermodal transportation) – transportation of goods under one contract, but performed by at least two modes of transport; the carrier is responsible for the entire transportation, even if this transportation is made by different modes of transport (for example:, and by road, etc.).
The service price includes an additional payment to insurance companies for risks during reloading and due to the distance of transportation
If the cargo is transported by one type of transport to the place of transshipment or to the cargo terminal, where it is loaded onto the next transport without storage or with a short wait and sent under a new document and the participants in the transportation process consistently act such transportation is called bimodal.
For multimodal transportation we provide :
1.complete control of cargo delivery from the starting point to the final point of the logistics chain thanks to the operator 2.providing a single transport document 3.responsibility for cargo and execution of contracts of carriage
The main criteria when choosing a mode of transportation and a mode of transport include:
– minimum transportation costs; – the specified time of delivery of goods; – maximum reliability and safety; – minimum costs (damage) associated with stocks in transit;
– capacity and availability of the mode of transport.
For multimodal transportation in international traffic (for export-import and transit operations), customs procedures for cargo clearance, as well as transport legislation and commercial and legal features of transportation in those countries along which the cargo route passes. Intermodal transportation is one of the methods or type of execution multimodal transportation. The main feature of intermodality is load-free, i.e. transportation of cargo without reloading it into another cargo capacity along the route. You save by signing only one contract with us for the entire journey. By organizing a multimodal transportation system using intermodal technology, the operator provides the client with a number of advantages: the client is freed from the need to carry out financial calculations and legal relations with each participant in the transport process, he addresses the claim in case of damage only to the operator, who provides the client with regular information about the movement of the goods.