Channel parameters

It is important for you – and for us – that we speak the same language.
Therefore, we have prepared this technical information.
She will help you make an order without any problems

In order to be able to offer and deliver the correct dies to you, we need you to indicate, along with the type of press, its main parameters. You can see them on the drawing. If you know the required number of holes, please indicate them to us, or this number will be determined by us based on our experience.

D = inner diameter
B = overall width
Pb = press width
d = hole diameter
Wd = wall thickness

Type 1: cylindrical
Cost-effective, standard design.

Type 2: with cone inlet
Increases compression, the movement of the matrix is difficult. It is necessary to indicate the ratio of the taper as well as the depth.

Type 3: with cylindrical inlet
Increases compression, especially suitable for components rich in crude fiber.
Please indicate the diameter and depth of the inlet.

Type 4a and 4b: with counter bore outer, tapered and cylindrical bore
The press stroke is shortened in comparison with the cylindrical press channel, the die can be produced with a larger wall thickness and thus the stability will be greater.

Type 5: with counter-conical and cylindrical channel with one or more side rows
The press processes on the side rows are thus facilitated.

Type 6: with a counter channel of all rows and deeper side rows
This version is a combination of types 4 and 5.

В отношении форм прессовальных каналов имеются также различные возможности. Преимущественно поставляются матрицы с каналами типа (A).
Возможны также особые формы представленные на рисунке от B до C.

When ordering roller shells, you need to know, as with the dies, the name of the press manufacturer and the model name. You can take the main parameters from the drawing again.

Da = outer diameter
Di = inner diameter
B = overall width

We either make holes in the roller shells or supply them in a standard design or with thin grooves. Next, we need you to indicate whether you want the ends

Thus, the required data to query the matrix:

1. Press (brand, manufacturer)
2. Raw materials for processing (sawdust of coniferous species, sunflower husk, buckwheat husk, straw, bird droppings, mixed feed)
3. Inner diameter of the die
4. Outside diameter of the matrix
5. Hole diameter
6. Matrix wall thickness
7. Channel parameters (working length of the channel, hole configuration according to the application).