Customs clearance

We invite organizations that use road, rail and sea transport to cooperate and establish long-term business relationships in the implementation of their contracts in international relations.

We organize international cargo transportation:

  • trucking from Belarus, Russia to Europe, Asia and back;
  • trucking between the countries of the Customs Union, the CIS;
    consolidation of goods from Southeast Asia and the EU in Germany for transportation to the CIS;
  • delivery of groupage cargo;
  • attraction of high-quality rolling stock of any type (covered, insulated, refrigerated – tents, refrigerators, thermoses,) and any size allowed for operation on the territory of countries on the route;
  • control over the collection and dispatch of goods, as well as their unloading;
  • transportation of any cargo, including oversized and requiring special permits;
  • development of optimal transport schemes, including the organization of multimodal transport with the involvement of several types of transport (road, rail, sea, air);
  • container transportation to / from South-East Asia and transportation of containers from and to the seaports of Europe and the CIS.

We carry out customs clearance and customs clearance in the Republic of Belarus, all groups of goods from the EU, South-East Asia, China, etc. for further re-export to the Russian Federation, through customs operators, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 358 of 08/11/2011.

Our main partners in the Republic of Belarus are the largest private and state customs operators.

We are direct contractors for export and import contracts.

All procedures are carried out in strict accordance with the documents of the Customs Union Commission and other acts of customs legislation.

What is especially important – the Buyer receives his goods already in Russia and with a significant economic effect from the optimization of customs payments.

Our advantages

  • customs clearance;
  • logistics;
  • non-tariff measures (certification, etc.).