Warehouse services

Prosper Logistics GmbH offers high-quality and favorable conditions for the provision of services for the safe storage of goods, including:
  • delivery and consolidation of goods from Europe;
  • unloading, loading any types of road transport, containers;
  • storage of transit cargo by T-1;
  • acceptance and placement of goods, taking into account its specifics and the formation of orders (according to the client’s order, at the delivery address, by the batch number, by the expiration date, etc.), including electronic data exchange;
  • palletizing with stretch film wrapping;
  • formation of advertising units of products;
  • pre-sale preparation of goods, inventory of goods, spot checks;
  • repackaging with change of accounting units for stores;
  • marking, sticker, sticker of excise stamps, packaging, repackaging of goods;
  • completing sets, preparing products for promotions;
  • preparation of the necessary customs and transport documentation in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the consignee;
  • preparation of the necessary reports on the storage of goods and operations with goods, exchange of data in electronic form.
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Loading / Unloading manual
  • Loading / Unloading oversized cargo by crane
  • Palletizing
  • Pasting
  • Storage up to 7 days
  • up to 15 days
  • up to 30 days
Unit Price
  • 3 Euro / 3 Euro
  • from 25 euros / hour
  • 150 EUR / hour
  • 7 Euro per Pall.
  • 0.03 Euro per label
  • 3,0 euro / burial place
  • 5.0 EUR / bed
  • 7,0 euro / burial place
Temporary storage of goods is a customs procedure in which foreign goods are stored without paying customs duties, taxes and without applying any restrictions to them.
Warehousing of cargo intended for temporary storage is carried out to a height of no more than 1.5 m in specially designated places equipped with racks, racks, containers, with the possibility of mechanized movement of materials and products. When performing customs operations related to temporary storage, we ensure the complete safety of the cargo until it is handed over to the consignee.
  We adhere to two principles apply delivery of goods "just in time" - (in the English spelling of LT - "Just In Time") and "Quick response" - (in the English spelling of QR - "Quick Response" ), which is greatly appreciated by our overseas customers !!  
When organizing the delivery of goods, we carry out a feasibility study on the capacity, size and function of all warehouses in the logistics chain of the projected cargo flow and provide you with the best option. Some managers underestimate the role of warehouse operations in moving material flows from the supplier of raw materials and materials to the manufacturer and then finished products to the final consumer of the goods. Paying great attention to other operations – sale and purchase, production, financial calculations, they often overlook the fact that minimizing costs along the entire path of product promotion cannot be achieved if the whole process is not organized as a whole. Warehouse operations are one of the most important components in the pricing of goods. Underestimating the importance of these operations leads to increased costs in the handling or transhipment of goods. Main characteristics of the warehouse:
  • Warehouse turnover
  • Stock level
  • Area and volume of storage facilities
  • Number of racks and pallets
  • Labor costs
We have a well-defined strategy that will give you answers to all questions and solutions to your tasks on time and save you time.

Storage cargo in warehouses in ports.

Storage is carried out in the port for a fee at established rates or in the amount established by agreement of the parties. cargo unloaded at the port, not counting the date of its arrival at the port, is stored in the port for 24 hours free of charge. Terms of storage and removal of cargo are calculated from the moment of unloading cargo specified in the act of loading and unloading … If cargo is delayed due to the fault of the carrier, we will cover the costs of storage cargo in the port.