Container Shipping

Container is a reusable container for transportation of goods in packaging and without it with devices for mechanized handling operations, which allows you to transport goods without reloading them along the route. The main feature is door-to-door delivery without reloading cargo along the route. Not all cargoes are suitable for transportation in containers, therefore there is a concept of “containerized cargo”.


Efficiency of container traffic.

The efficiency of container transportation is: – reducing the time for reloading work; – enlargement of the consignment of transported goods; – increasing productivity in transport; – reduction in the number of personnel employed in reloading operations – increasing the level of mechanization of handling operations; – reducing the cost of containers and packaging; – reducing the time of the cargo; using cheaper rolling stock; – delivery of cargo “from door to door”; – using the container as a temporary warehouse; – improving the safety of the transported cargo. Containers can be: wooden, metal, plastic, as well as elastic materials (rubber, rubber). They are : – low-tonnage (up to 2 tons), -medium-tonnage (from 2 to 5 tons) and -large-tonnage (10 tons and more). By use, containers are: – universal for the transportation of goods of various nomenclature and specialized for one or a group of similar goods. – specialized ones are most often used for the transportation of perishable, liquid cargo, vegetables, bulk, powder, ore concentrates and building materials. 95% of containers are steel universal, 2% refrigerated containers, 2% platform containers and 1% tank containers for the transport of liquid cargo. Allocate containers:
  • open top, open top and open sides
  • folding
  • flexible
  • collapsible
  • for the transportation of liquid cargo, bulk and bulk
  • refrigerated, ventilated
  • with side doors
  • sealed, etc.

Trucking is the most highly demanded type of cargo transportation due to its maneuverability.

Organization LLC “Prosper Techno” works out the most optimal routes for the transportation of goods for each client individually and ensures its delivery to any region of Europe, Russia and China. Road transport allows you to deliver cargo even to hard-to-reach regions with minimal costs. The transportation of goods depends on its condition and the characteristics of the vehicle. The company has a sufficient number of vehicles, technically equipped for loading and unloading any category of cargo. Transportation takes place mainly in containers. Together with the delivery, a full complex of the transportation process is carried out, including: 1) loading conditions 2) packaging tools 3) development of conditions for packaging cargo. The entire list of services ensures compliance with the requirements for the technological process of transportation. Sometimes, as decisions are made, it is required to change the individual components of the tragport characteristics: bulk mass, type of container and packaging, linear dimensions of individual places. Cargoes according to the conditions of transportation and storage are divided into general mass and special mode. General cargo is divided by size into regular, long and oversized, and by weight – light and heavy. The loading process includes:
  1. Packaging
  2. Accommodation
  3. Cargo labeling