International cargo transportation

We are constantly looking for changes in the current legislation on foreign economic activity.

We are investigating the answers to the following questions:

  • is it allowed to import (export) goods into the country
  • whether the goods are subject to export (import) duty, what is the size
    this fee
  • whether the product is eligible for licensing or quota mode
    the authority issues a license, what is the procedure for obtaining it, how much it will cost
    obtaining a license;
  • is it necessary to obtain special permits for the export (import) of goods
  • whether phytosanitary, veterinary and other sanitary and environmental certificates are required
  • what are the benefits for the export (import) of goods (exemption from duties, taxes, fees);
  • are there any peculiarities in the procedure for making payments with entrepreneurs from the country of planned export (import);
  • what documents are required to ensure the passage of goods abroad

Delivery time

The course of the cargo delivery period starts from 0.00 h of the day following
the day on which the cargo and the waybill were accepted for transportation. If the cargo is accepted from
storage prior to departure, the delivery period starts from
0.00 hours of the day following the day on which this cargo is scheduled for loading. About the day
loading of cargo in the waybill is marked.

Calculation of carriage charges

Carriage payments, which are understood as the payment for the carriage of goods,
additional fees and other costs incurred during the period from the acceptance of the goods for carriage until their delivery to the recipient are calculated according to the established tariffs in force on the day of the conclusion
contract of carriage.

The charge for the carriage of goods is calculated according to the shortest distance determined by the applicable tariff, in the direction through those border stations indicated in the consignment note by the sender