Customs clearance

Prosper Logistics GmbH provides all customs services:

  • registration of entry documents for goods from the CIS to the EU;
  • processing of travel documents for goods from the EU to the CIS (T.I.R.-Carnet, CMR, certificates);
  • electronic cargo declaration for German customs
  • execution of all documents according to the instructions of the customer, consignee;
  • export declarations EX-1, (both upon presentation of the goods at customs, and without it (if there is a seller’s account);
  • opening / closing of the transit declaration T 1;
  • electronic advance notification.
All customs documents are processed by the office. All executed documents are sent for verification by fax or electronic form.

Tariffs for customs services:

  • TIR Carnet (TIR Carnet up to 3 items without attachment) – 20,00 €;
  • CMR (Consignment Note) – 10,00 €;
  • Neutralization – 10,00 €;
  • Closing the T-1 form – 30,00 €;
  • Supplement to TIR Carnet, CMR – 10,00 €;
  • Export declaration EX-1 – 45 €.

Stages of customs clearance

Customs clearance upon import of goods can begin as before the arrival of foreign goods at the customs territory.

If goods are transported by individuals, then customs clearance begins with the submission of a customs declaration.

When exporting goods, customs clearance begins at the time the customs declaration is submitted.

The following customs procedures are distinguished:

1.Customs procedures preceding the submission of the customs declaration (arrival of goods and vehicles to the customs territory, internal customs transit)

2. Preliminary customs declaration of goods.

3.Customs declaration of goods

4. Customs operations and procedures carried out after the completion of customs declaration (when goods leave the customs territory)

A permit for customs operations must be issued by the customs authority within three days from the date of contacting the customs authority and submission of the necessary documents. Thus, a deadline has been set for issuing a permit to carry out customs operations, which is equal to the time for processing a customs declaration and checking goods.

Our responsibilities include:

1. Organize the delivery of goods with a guarantee of safety on the terms and conditions stipulated by the contract of freight forwarding, the contract for the carriage of goods and other contractual obligations with the cargo owner

2. Coordinate the interaction of all participants in the delivery of goods

3. Make technological and economic feasibility studies of transport and technological routes and cargo delivery schemes, taking into account the wishes and requirements of cargo owners

4. Organize the performance of services for the receipt of goods (cargo), their transportation and delivery in the prescribed manner

5. Organize the chartering of vehicles (cars, wagons, sea and river vessels, air transport), control the forwarding (shipping) marking of goods and sealing of transportation vehicles, containers, cold chambers, bunkers and other storage rooms

6. Ensure tracking the progress of loading and unloading, transshipment, transshipment, warehouse and packing operations, compliance with the terms and conditions of storage, accumulation and delivery of goods

7. Provide registration of goods, transport and other accompanying documents at all stages of the implementation of transport and technological routes and cargo delivery schemes, cargo customs declarations and other documents required for customs clearance of goods, in in accordance with the established requirements

8. Draw up documents related to cargo insurance, commercial and other acts in accordance with the established forms in cases of arrival of goods and means of transportation in a damaged condition (damage and (or) shortage of goods and cargo packages, damaged seals, locking and sealing devices or their absence

9.Calculate freight charges and fees

10.Inform cargo owners about the movement of goods

11. Carry out the readdressing of goods in accordance with the established procedure, organize the sale of unclaimed goods, as well as, if necessary, work on the search for goods, vehicles and handling claims

12. Ensure in the course of its activities the observance of laws and other normative legal acts in relation to the transport complex, as well as international agreements and conventions on transport

Transportation of goods across the territory of the Republic of Belarus, depending on the type of vehicle, must be accompanied by the carrier’s transport documents. Transport documents should include:

  • – CMR waybill for international road transport of goods;
  • – railway consignment note (SMGS) for transportation by rail;
  • – air waybill (AWB) for transportation by air.

Thanks to us, you do not need to think about obtaining additional permits for the export of goods – we will take care of this for you!